Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Climate Change

Recently, Davao Region experienced heavy rains that caused rivers to burst to their seams inundating communities nearby and some low-lying areas including Davao City. Affected residents fled to evacuation centers.     

The tailend of a cold front was blamed for the natural calamity that struck the region and other parts of Mindanao, according to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geographical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA).

But we are alarmed of the "message" these recent events brought to us. The strong typhoons that lambasted some regions in Mindanao last year and the flashfloods which plowed through the economic bases and homesteads of the hapless victims are an indication that something is wrong with pattern of the climate.

Mindanao used to be typhoon-free. We were made to believe then. And I remember when I was about six years old when a strong typhoon was reported to hit Davao. This was during the early seventies. And because of that news, some of our neighbors had to stay overnight in the two-storey house of our grandparents. Also, local businessmen loved to talk about Mindanao as ideal place for agri-production because it is claimed to be typhoon-free while Luzon and the Visayas Region were/are not. 

But if we look back at what happened last year - how Typhoon Sendong and Pablo wiped-out a number of communities, we are afraid to say that the phenomenon of climate change is for real as far as Mindanao is concerned.


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