Monday, August 20, 2012

Robredo's Body in Plane Wreckage

What many feared about what could have happened to DILG Jesse Robredo came true this morning when divers found him trapped inside the plane wreckage at about 7 in the morning (Tuesday).  Divers found the wreckage 180 ft underneath.

In a press briefing, Department of Transportation and Communications Secretary Mar Roxas said that the body of Robredo was retrieved at about 8 in the morning. Two more dead bodies that belonged to the pilot and copilot were to be retrieved next to Robredo whose body was easily accessed.

The rescue operations ran two days. Many diver volunteers, including foreigners, turned up to help in the operations for Robredo and his companions who figured in that tragic plane crash offshore of Masbate some minutes after they left Cebu for Naga City.  

The ill-fated light aircraft chartered by Robredo requested an emergency landing in Masbate airport but did not make it. 

We feel sorry for this very tragic event. The loss is great not only to the families of other victims pilot Capt. Jessup Bahinting, copilot Kshitiz Chand, and Secretary Robredo. We share prayers.

Disclaimer: photo is lifted from yahoonews.

Prayers for DILG Sec. Jesse Robrebo

Outpouring of prayers all wishing for the safety of Jesse Robredo, secretary of Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), and his companions, after their small plane, a piper seneca twin engine plane owned by Aviatour, crashed into Masbate sea at around 3 in the afternoon of Saturday, August 18.

There were four of them aboard: the Aviatour Air owner Capt. Jessup Bahinting who piloted the aircraft at the request of Secretary Robredo, Nepalese national Kshitiz Chand, co-pilot, the secretary and his aide chief inspector June Paolo Abrazado who was rescued by a fisherfolk at the crash site.

Secretary Robredo and group were supposedly heading to Naga City when the plane sensed engine trouble prompting them to ask for an emergency landing in Masbate. But unfortunately it crashed before reaching Masbate Airport.

To this time, rescue operations are ongoing in search for Secretary Robredo and his two companions.In addition to prayers, rescue efforts are boosted with supports from diver voluntee who responded to support via twits.

Not few considered Secretary Robredo who served Naga City as the youngest mayor of 29 years ago, as one of the best government officials in the Pnoy Cabinet.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Public Hospital Privitization

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Floodwater Everywhere

It is unfortunate that some of our fellowmen have to suffer from tragic events like what has recently happened to Luzon areas after rain continued for days. You read it. Continuous rain did it. It was not brought about by a raging typhoon as the infamous Ondoy did in 2009 which claimed many lives. It was so tragic. Weather authorities said that the rainfall early this August 2012 almost overtook Ondoy's deadly record.    

Streets and communities shared the same fate as floodwater rose to a level dangerous for everyone. Residents have to scamper towards safer grounds. Other have to be rescued.

With repeated warnings done in the past, we are not baffled why this is happening now. We are not experts but there are factors that we can cite as contributing to the tragedy. And one thing is for sure that the so-called development, if we call it, taking a different direction.

To cite a few, the denuded mountains provide fast escape for rainwater to converge to the low-lying areas like cities. It is not hard to analyze. Rivers easily overflow because they are heavily silted. Again brought about by years of soil erosion from the mountains. No wonder, floodwater is muddy and dangerous.

Flawed urban planning and perhaps weak environment law enforcement complicated the matter. Many supposedly natural water channels were no longer capable of receiving volume of floodwater because most of them are clogged or obstructed. What can you expect from this situation? All kinds of garbage clogged water ways, for instance, while illegal structures sit on esteros as reported many times in the past.

Floodwater during typhoon or heavy rain should be led to water channels and empty to the sea  easily. Urban planning has to fully consider this strategy. But this will cost us a lot. If we want to remodel our cities to become flood-free, we will probably starve to death. This is not in the priority list. So as food is what we need now, residents have to learn the trick by heart to always vacate their places and abodes when it rains heavily and continuously.     

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