Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mang Dolphy

The nation is mourning over the death of Mang Dolphy or Pidol. Known as the King of Comedy in the Philippine cinema or movie industry, Pidol to some had a movie career that spanned 60 fruitful years.  

Mang Dolphy passed away in the evening of Tuesday, July 10, after he succumbed to  "multiple organ failure secondary to complications brought about by severe pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and acute renal failure," according to news sources, at the Makati Medical Center where he was confined for these past days. He was 83 yo.

In all the years he spent in showbiz, Mang Dolphy had become part of the lives of many Filipinos. Including myself who was a big fan of him. I saw only few of his movies but his comedy sitcoms like the longest-running John en Marsha (1970/1980) and the Home Along the Riles (1992-2003) with the media network ABS-CBN (since 1963), never failed to entertain us viewers. 

The icon of Philippine comedy was a good dancer, stage/film actor and singer.  I missed the antics in those tv sitcoms that to me came out naturally. In fact, I did not see the scripts there. What I saw was Dolphy with his knack or brand of comedy unequaled to this day. His tv sitcoms lightened up  the weary hearts and souls of many Filipino fans. It is evident when the nation is grieving now for the loss of an icon. 

I missed the laughter Mang Dolphy brought us when we sat there before the television set before we hit the hay. 

We would miss him forever. RIP, Mang Dolphy.