Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pacman loses to Judges

Yesterday, the world of the die-hard fans of Pacman was shaken when Tim Bradley won via a split decision in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Funny because not a few netizens, for instance, quickly said that Pacman lost to the judges. That is understandable especially when you believed that your eyes did not lie to you and so Manny Pacquiao by all means won the fight not Bradley who almost had dated with the canvas when he wobbled after being hit by the Pambansang Kamao from the Philippines. But that's it. It did not happen. That's a game of boxing. The best punches could not bring your enemy down. In an interview, Pacman honored the decision of the judges. Probably his game plan was not really good enough to floor Bradley down.

It was my first to see him fight (on tv, LOL) and I believed he was skilled and brainy fighter too although he was outmatched by Pacman in a number of power punches. So I personally believed that Pacman did not lose to Bradley but to the judges whom Bob Arum called the "three blind mice." I uploaded the netizens for having this opinion. Although sweeping a statement from the boxing promotion tycon because one judge's scorecard  gave it to Manny. Instead, they were the two blind mice in an alleged conspiracy. Well, it could be hard to figure out even though we believe those who said that it was a mafia at  work that robbed our national boxing icon of his WBO belt. It should not be the case or else all boxing aficionados will lose faith in the boxing sports, clean sports. For myself, when I learned from fb fanatics about the decision ahead of yahoo news, I lost the food I was eating (LOL) while watching a delayed telecast. We are cableless at the moment.

My wife had a viewpoint that differed from mine. Bradley this time was powerful than Pacman, she insisted. Since I tried to avoid a punching match (LOL) so I just nodded in "agreement" with a modifiers "just maybe." But she was probably right. Some boxing experts said that maybe age caught up with Manny. Bradley was younger. Manny was older. I am not ready to accept the analysis because while Bradley threw rapid punches, it was Pacman who had landed KO-hungry punches that tried to whipup those pandesals in Bradley's stomach. To his credits, Bradley stood ground and sat on his wheelchair later.

Today is Monday. For sure, the defeat we suffered would be trending in the offices. Let us say that for the fans, sometimes defeat for their idol is hard to accept. But knowing that there is always a second chance is to heave a sigh of relief. Before the fight, a rematch was already in the pipeline of Mr. Arum. Well, let us see in November (?).