Friday, June 22, 2012

Oil Price Rollback

The oil companies have recently conducted a ten-series oil price rollback that analysts said resulted from the movement of oil price in Asia, according to news reports by GMA News. But while the rollback is supposed to ease off the economic hardship felt by of the people, teh reverse is true. Prices of basic commodities have ironically increased.

As prices of oil products dictated by how they behave in the world oil trade, there is no way that it will stay that way. This is temporary. What has come down must come up in the case of fuel. :-) This is the point of the editorial cartoon I drew. So, even when this is the current situation now, there is really a need for the government to prepare for the worst, that is, when prices of oil products will hike again.

Sideline. The World Boxing Organization (WBO) recently ruled in favor to Manny Pacquaio as the one winning against Timothy  Bradley. But experts said that this is immaterial a far as claiming back the WBO belt for Pacman. The decision in the ring was and is final. Bradley won. Be that as it may, in the eyes the boxing fans worldwide, Pacman won. Based on the review made by WBO, Pacman won. And I truly believe this is an overwhelming observation that the Pambansang Kamao won over Bradley whom Pacmom or Mommy Dionesia Pacquiao called  as "Wheelchair Champion."