Monday, June 4, 2012

Davao Express Water Taxi

This is the first time to see the Davao Express Water Taxi. At present, DEWT has two units. BTW, I lifted this pic from one of the sites of DEWT.  You can visit here

The first Davao-IGACOS (and around Davao Gulf) water taxi was, if I am not mistaken, launched early this year only. I only knew about it when Dean Ortiz, DEWT manager, asked me to design its mascot/logo. It would be an honor to see my design on all  water taxi units. But I understand DEWT has yet to add more of units to fully meet the transporting needs of its clients.

Revisiting how to go around the Davao Gulf, DEWT is an interesting marine transportation to tap. The concept of a taxi needless to say that it implies the quickest way to any resort destinations here at an affordable cost.

Mr. Ortiz is coming up with promotional gimmicks. And before you know it, DEWT will become the preferred mode of transportation in the region. 

Welcome aboard! Sakay na!