Tuesday, May 29, 2012

CJ Renato Corona is Guilty

After 44 days in what is described as the first successful impeachment trial in the history of the Philippines, 20 Senator-Judges voted against Chief Justice Renato Corona. Senator-judges Joker Arroyo, Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Ferdinand Marcos Jr. voted for the acquittal of the chief justice who was in his hospital bed, with members  of his family, when the senators judges led by Presiding Officer Senator-Judge Enrile discussed, one after the other, their verdict.

Corona was found to have so much wealth he failed to include in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth (SALN) as supposedly mandated by the constitution for every government official. The reason for his removal from office is the SALN issue and not whether he illegally amassed wealth as a public servant as chief justice. IMHO, this is funny because we spent so much time and money to remove an official of one of the highest branches of the government because of non-disclosure of all his assets in his SALN. Other articles of impeachment simply failed to boost the position of the prosecution panel.

While it succeeded in handing down the guilty verdict, the impeachment trial is not something to be happy about. In fact, it was a failed exercise which was replete with anomalous machinations and maneuvers from the very beginning - violating due process as democratic ideals adhere. This is one of the issues that hinders me from believing that we had just concluded an impeachment trial that is fair and just.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This is one of my drawings in relation to the tension between the Philippines and China over the Scarborough Shoal. 

Yesterday, Chief Justice Renato Corona  finally took the witness stand to give his explanations on various articles of impeachment. Of course, he denied all the accusations. And so it is for the people or the public to decide whether Corona was able to parry all the points leveled against him. It is for the senator judges to decide on his fate.

Personally, there were facts presented that could probably sway public opinion or decision of the senator judges whom I believed were or are for the truth and not as extensions of Malacañang out to pulverize him for "political vendetta" in line with the issue of Hacienda Luisita.

I am not sure if the statement of Corona before the impeachment court had positive effects on the people and the senators judges. But I am sure that his walkout was a terrible blow on his efforts to fight for the, he claimed, truth. His "walkout" preluded with "the chief justice wished to be excused" caught everyone flat-footed, I mean, including his counsels. 

Anyways, I am hoping that truith will come out in the end.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

DepEd's K+12

The opening of classes in the country is fast approaching. That will be in June. But time and again, among the problems or recurring problems that will surely greet the pupils and students of public schools is the lack of classrooms, chairs, textbooks, teachers and other learning facilities. These don't change even with the pronouncements of past administrations.

These problems are the main stumbling blocks to the country's goal for a quality education. If you have these problems in the urban-based schools, you can imagine how the public schools in far-flung villages will look like. We would say this condition proved schools are not conducive to learning.

So, we can't really say whether the Department of Education (DepEd) is on the right track when it wanted to implement the K+12 program this opening. This is overhauling the basic education of the country from 10 years to K+12, that kindergarten plus six (6) years in elementary and four (4) and two (2) years Junior and Senior highschool respectively. No one will argue that we need quality education. But surely, how to tackle it is a different thing especially because we could not agree on the strategies. This what makes the K+12 controversial. Those who are against the new program believed that it would be better if we address the problems we mentioned earlier rather than to jump into a new approach that will surely stretch out instead the economic hardship of the poor parents in this country. It appears that the program will only prolong the economic agony of the parents.

Btw, the featured cartoon is line with the impeachment proceedings versus Chief Justice Renato Corona. Since the lawmakers would be busy monitoring the proceedings, many believed that important legislation like the reproductive health bill, would be left out.