Thursday, April 19, 2012

PH - China Stand-Off

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I am back...

I am back. That is after months that I had been away from blogging or posting updates. Was too busy with some projects. I am so grateful that netizens and bloggers kept on paying this site a visit. At least, they kept it floating LOL. But it is not hard to notice that this site plummeted in terms of the number of visitors. That's one of my sins. A blogsite should be regularly updated in order to keep its traffic constant. Afterall, blogging is updating.

And because of that hiatus, I missed a lot of things or issues. Those that touched our lives. I posted the drawing published during the holy week. It's self-explanatory. Behind those nails were issues on series of oil price hikes, heinous crimes, economic inflation, worsening poverty and human right violations. And one of those nails was labeled as "noynoying." Taken from the nick-name of our president Noynoy Aquino III, "noynoying" is being popularized by the militant groups in their rallies and march protests to mean as "do-nothing" attitude. This is after "planking." That's inaction or lack of action before vital issues. Well, that's the militant groups' stance. For me, I am not really sure if this government is not doing something or is doing nothing. Maybe it's the expectations that do not jibe.

Anyways, other nails were not included in the drawing. I was in a hurry so that I missed many things to be included in the issue. But they are for real like the power crisis in the case of Mindanao, tuition fee increases across the nation, fare hike, etc.  The current issues confronting us are too complicated to comprehend. I don't really know if there are solutions to these. And while waiting, we do not know whether the common man can survive to see the light at the end of the tunnel. For the religious or pious ones, they would simply say, let's pray and hope for the best. I don't know with you.