Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cry for me Argentina

When I learned about the rampage against newly-crowned International Boxing Federation interim junior flyweight champ Johnriel Casimero at the post-fight in Argentina, I did not immediately jump to my computer to protest. In fact, I did not think of protesting as compatriot of the rising boxing hero Casimero from Cebu, believing that government and sports authorities will do their jobs to prevent the same mess from taking place in future boxing events or other sports events for that matter. Similar incidents have no place in any sports events. Lessons should be learned, so to speak. [Cebu, by the way, is where my roots came from. During the early 50s, they came to Mindanao for good.]

But I understand how the troublemakers felt when their hero Luis Lazarte crumpled to the canvas after being punished by the power punches of Casimero at round 10. Truth hurts. But it it does not mean you have a ticket to maul the winning Casimero or his contingent because the event was a play of sports. And spectators or expected to behave like human beings in a sport events. And I don’t blame them for lacking or having no sportsmanship just like their boxing hero Lazarte who played dirty tricks during their boxing match. Sportsmanship could not be had while watching a sports event. It is naturally in the hearts of all sports-loving persons. And I supposed it is instilled by parents to their kids, whether or not, they are into sports. Or maybe their parents taught them but they did not embrace the virtue of being sports.

Through its embassy in the Philippines, the Argentina government already expressed apology for the wrongdoing of some of their people. I know the Filipino people welcome that apology. Even Casimero whose life was put in peril during the riot expressed willingness to go back to Argentina to fight. Of course, not with Lazarte after he has been banned from climbing up the boxing ring by the boxing authorities.

As for Casimero, goodluck for your boxing career. For Lazarte, he better sings "Cry for Argentina" instead.
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