Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs is Dead

The world is rocked by the recent news on the death of 56-year old Steve Jobs, the brain behind the apple computers and other digital products that his company Apple has produced. The guy was succumbed to pancreatic cancer, according to news sources.

The contribution of the guy to the computing industry and to the people worldwide is of course great and it will surely remain so long as the Earth spins on its axis.

I remember that the first set of computer-generated graphics I drew and the first graphic software I learned were with that small and compact Apple Classic Macintosh PC during the 90s. Imagine how I struggled to design a number of 5' x 5' wallnews on its mini screen? That's how Mr. Jobs touched my life as shared by other fans of the brilliant man.

Though from Macintosh that I knew years ago, I shifted to IBM clones until to this day for technical and financial considerations.

Anyways, the guy did a great job to the humanity. I am nameless but I salute the guy.

Steve Jobs, thanks so much and RIP!