Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pinoy Planking

Not exactly the planking craze but the way majority of us nose-dived into the uncontrollable oil price hikes - courtesy of the oil industry deregulation law which was supposedly hoped to level the playing field as far as the oil industry is concerned. 

In contrast, the prices of fuel and other oil products continued to shoot up, meeting protests from various sectors. This is the naked truth --- the law is useless and it does not serve its goals.

Sideline. When NASA reported that a satellite was to plunge to the Earth recently, I recalled the anxiety I had in 1979 as a kid when I heard the news that a 7.5-ton skylab was to head and hit the Earth. Good thing that it plunged into the Indian Ocean.  Hehe.

NASA said that the 6-ton satellite plunged into the Pacific Ocean yesterday, Friday.