Thursday, September 15, 2011

On Various Issues

On Ms. Shamcey
Some were not contented  with the outcome of the Ms. Universe beauty tilt, saying Philippine’s Ms. Supsup should have won the beauty title. This is interesting in a way that until now many of us are not good sports. This is unfair to all young ladies who were deserving to win. Yet, it’s Ms. Angola’s chance to sign. Being there in the event is good enough as an indication that they were all intelligent, sexy, pretty and smart. You can add your adjectives here.  In short, let us be happy for Ms. Angola. To Ms. Supsup, congrats for making to the top five and as 3rd runnerup.

On Juvenile Welfare and Justice Law
This is one of the hottest issues that is blamed for the increase in the rate of crimes involving minors or young offenders. Controversial because it appears that when the lawmakers who were behind the law, moved the age of criminal liability to 18 years old, the impact was or is that minors have become emboldened to commit crimes knowing they could not be imprisoned – instead they would be put, if caught, with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).  From there, minors are eventually released back to their parents or irresponsible parents or to the streets where they would do again their stuffs. You want a sample? In a local news, a rapist kid was out and years later he raped again another 4- year old girl. 

The impact of the juvenile law is catastrophic to law enforcement. These kids when they grow up would be hardened criminals because at the early stage, we "teach" them how to become. Kids should know that there are rules to observe. Disciplining kids is as old as biblical times. Spare the rod and you will know what it is. 

As we are good parents, we should discipline our kids when grave mistakes are committed. The law in question is being proposed to be reviewed and revised. This is a good proposal and hopefully - next time lawmakers should avoid the same error.

On LBC Bank
The LBC Bank has shutdown and so as the economic future of its depositors. Poor depositors, especially those who have work hard to save for their future. Let us say that this is normal in the banking industry where some banks lose chance to survive in the face of competition. What is not normal or what is abnormal is the way government agencies do their role – one, in seeing to it that the interests of the depositors are protected in the face of fierce competition in the banking industry. Another, in the event of closure, depositors should be able to get their deposits. Sadly, depositors are made to wait for months before they could get back their money from the Philippine Depositors Insurance Corporation o PDIC. Worst, papers are needed to claim back their own money - a  very bureaucratic way that has never been corrected. Why is that? Why make them suffer from the things they don’t deserve?

The bad news is that those depositors who have 500 thousand up could not get their entire money. Now that's funny. I mean, so funny. What is the essence of insurance if you don't get your entire money?

The editorial cartoon tackles one of the agenda in the peace process in Mindanao. Although we were happy with the peace talks between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), the talks are seemingly stuck on the issue of territorial claim by the MILF.