Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Big Croc

The province of Agusan del Sur in Mindanao has been hogging the headlines after local authorities succeeded in ensnaring the giant saltwater crocodile recently.  The giant reptile, believed to be the biggest in the world, was blamed for attacking a water buffalo and a fisherfolk who had gone missing since July, reports claimed. 

The more than one ton reptile, ferociously dangerous (though I guess not as voracious than the so-called highway crocs that are victimizing motorists), is put in a cage with its new role to play --- as a tourist attraction in a planned ecotourism park here. That is the sentence for all his wrongdoings.  O, by the way, I don't wonder if i hear people call the Kotong Cops, Lolong! LOL. Kotong is tagalog word for "mulcting."  I often hear "conductors," tactless as they come, warning their drivers to watch out for the buwayas (crocs)" - referring to highway patrol groups, possibly lurking in the highway. I know that the highway patrol group's image has been unjustly tarnished because of the bad eggs in their fold. For more croc stories in the bureaucracy, visit this DisKorner.

Anyways, the 6.4-meter crocodile has another giant companion that remains free as of this writing. They suspect that his companion is much bigger. The villagers were advised to be extra-careful and to avoid fetching water from or go near the river from 4 in the afternoon to 8 in the morning where crocodiles are most active.  

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Snake Eyes said...

Your story reminds me of my Croc experience two years ago. Please follow this link, thanks!