Monday, September 26, 2011

Un-Photographed Exhibit

Abe Garcia will have another art exhibit from October 10 to November 7, 2011 at the Museo Dabawenyo. Opening reception will be on October 14. For other details, see poster here. See you there. To Abe, goodluck my friend.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Rape of Mindanao

Mindanao is rich in natural resources. But  so-called progress and development are consistently raiding the remaining natural wealth of Mindanao. This is the essence of the drawing.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pinoy Planking

Not exactly the planking craze but the way majority of us nose-dived into the uncontrollable oil price hikes - courtesy of the oil industry deregulation law which was supposedly hoped to level the playing field as far as the oil industry is concerned. 

In contrast, the prices of fuel and other oil products continued to shoot up, meeting protests from various sectors. This is the naked truth --- the law is useless and it does not serve its goals.

Sideline. When NASA reported that a satellite was to plunge to the Earth recently, I recalled the anxiety I had in 1979 as a kid when I heard the news that a 7.5-ton skylab was to head and hit the Earth. Good thing that it plunged into the Indian Ocean.  Hehe.

NASA said that the 6-ton satellite plunged into the Pacific Ocean yesterday, Friday.  

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sheer Talent

I was blogwalking when I stumbled on some posts about Jonas Cano, a 13-yo kid who is, according to the poster "Pilipinas at iba pa" is a special child. He is really a special kid from Macrohon, Leyte (Visayas Region). He is gifted with musical talent. He plays the guitar and, as you can see in this vid lifted from the Youtube, drumset from milk cans.  

The poster of the kid's vid campaigns for this boy's real drumset. I join his campiagn by posting this vid here.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

On Various Issues

On Ms. Shamcey
Some were not contented  with the outcome of the Ms. Universe beauty tilt, saying Philippine’s Ms. Supsup should have won the beauty title. This is interesting in a way that until now many of us are not good sports. This is unfair to all young ladies who were deserving to win. Yet, it’s Ms. Angola’s chance to sign. Being there in the event is good enough as an indication that they were all intelligent, sexy, pretty and smart. You can add your adjectives here.  In short, let us be happy for Ms. Angola. To Ms. Supsup, congrats for making to the top five and as 3rd runnerup.

On Juvenile Welfare and Justice Law
This is one of the hottest issues that is blamed for the increase in the rate of crimes involving minors or young offenders. Controversial because it appears that when the lawmakers who were behind the law, moved the age of criminal liability to 18 years old, the impact was or is that minors have become emboldened to commit crimes knowing they could not be imprisoned – instead they would be put, if caught, with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).  From there, minors are eventually released back to their parents or irresponsible parents or to the streets where they would do again their stuffs. You want a sample? In a local news, a rapist kid was out and years later he raped again another 4- year old girl. 

The impact of the juvenile law is catastrophic to law enforcement. These kids when they grow up would be hardened criminals because at the early stage, we "teach" them how to become. Kids should know that there are rules to observe. Disciplining kids is as old as biblical times. Spare the rod and you will know what it is. 

As we are good parents, we should discipline our kids when grave mistakes are committed. The law in question is being proposed to be reviewed and revised. This is a good proposal and hopefully - next time lawmakers should avoid the same error.

On LBC Bank
The LBC Bank has shutdown and so as the economic future of its depositors. Poor depositors, especially those who have work hard to save for their future. Let us say that this is normal in the banking industry where some banks lose chance to survive in the face of competition. What is not normal or what is abnormal is the way government agencies do their role – one, in seeing to it that the interests of the depositors are protected in the face of fierce competition in the banking industry. Another, in the event of closure, depositors should be able to get their deposits. Sadly, depositors are made to wait for months before they could get back their money from the Philippine Depositors Insurance Corporation o PDIC. Worst, papers are needed to claim back their own money - a  very bureaucratic way that has never been corrected. Why is that? Why make them suffer from the things they don’t deserve?

The bad news is that those depositors who have 500 thousand up could not get their entire money. Now that's funny. I mean, so funny. What is the essence of insurance if you don't get your entire money?

The editorial cartoon tackles one of the agenda in the peace process in Mindanao. Although we were happy with the peace talks between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), the talks are seemingly stuck on the issue of territorial claim by the MILF.   

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kato's Faction

Sun-Star Davao's headline yesterday, September 9, said "Bomb expert likely with Kato's group." The news report referred to Abdul Basit Usman as the bomb expert wanted by the United States. The source of the news was the Moro Islamic Liberation Front or MILF.

Kato is believed to be heading a breakaway group that is, accordingly, pushes for a separatist stance in view of the Mindanao issue. 

News reports claimed that Kato's group is a threat to the peace efforts between the GPH and the MILF. This is the idea of the editorial cartoon I drew recently.

Anyways, tomorrow is a commemoration of the beastly design against the citizens of the United States - the infamous September 11 attacks. We don't want the same tragedy to happen again more especially when the victims are the innocent civilians.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Aboitiz Coal-Fired Plant

There were issues that I failed to notice as far as details are concerned these past days. One is the controversial 300-megawatt coal-fired plant of the Aboitiz Power Corporation. The project is meeting criticisms for a number of reason ranging from, for one, environmental concern to health hazards it may pose to the residents of Binugao (Toril, Davao Ciy).

Now the update, as for me, is that no less than Vice mayor Rody Duterte questions the project for its freshwater water extraction, apparently, contrary to what he was made to believe by the Aboitiz  lobbyists, that it would sip up water from the sea to cool down the plant's generators.

Davao City has one of the best drinking water in the country if not the world. But Aboitiz wants to suck from the aquifer of Davao City over half a million cubic meters of freshwater every year. Who would not be apprehensive? VM Duterte is apprehensive since this obviously will add pressure to the city's important water source which can be detrimental to the basic need of the people of Davao City in terms of drinking water. Who can determine that the total demand of the coal-fired plant will not exhaust the supply in the aquifer? The proponent will have to explain how their operations will not negatively impact the groundwater. Unfortunately, we have to wait yet for their expert who is outside the country.

We really need to boost our power need because of the growing demand for electricity of the city. No question about that. But not in a way that we expose the integrity of our supply of precious freshwater to industrial abuse. Indeed, with this controversial issue or issues, coal plant project is not cool.

Btw, we are dumbfounded to know that even our very own Davao City Water District (DCWD) has no hydrologist of its own. Remember that DCWD is sucking water from all the water sources of the city and yet it has no experts who could supposedly evaluate the integrity of our aquifers, among other things, on  regular basis. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Big Croc

The province of Agusan del Sur in Mindanao has been hogging the headlines after local authorities succeeded in ensnaring the giant saltwater crocodile recently.  The giant reptile, believed to be the biggest in the world, was blamed for attacking a water buffalo and a fisherfolk who had gone missing since July, reports claimed. 

The more than one ton reptile, ferociously dangerous (though I guess not as voracious than the so-called highway crocs that are victimizing motorists), is put in a cage with its new role to play --- as a tourist attraction in a planned ecotourism park here. That is the sentence for all his wrongdoings.  O, by the way, I don't wonder if i hear people call the Kotong Cops, Lolong! LOL. Kotong is tagalog word for "mulcting."  I often hear "conductors," tactless as they come, warning their drivers to watch out for the buwayas (crocs)" - referring to highway patrol groups, possibly lurking in the highway. I know that the highway patrol group's image has been unjustly tarnished because of the bad eggs in their fold. For more croc stories in the bureaucracy, visit this DisKorner.

Anyways, the 6.4-meter crocodile has another giant companion that remains free as of this writing. They suspect that his companion is much bigger. The villagers were advised to be extra-careful and to avoid fetching water from or go near the river from 4 in the afternoon to 8 in the morning where crocodiles are most active.  

Click the photo for the links to Yahoo post. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Our good news is that the Government of the Philippines is now talking with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) concerning the peace issues in Mindanao. Similar efforts are also expected to be pushed with the Communist Party of the Philippines/New People's Army/National Democratic Front. 

Peace in Mindanao and the entire country is a serious matter that all parties should strive to happen. For one, genuine development will not happen if the political condition remains unstable.We don't cast aspersion to these efforts. For we believe peace is really possible but only when all the parties are sincere to put an end to the armed conflict that has displaced thousands of homes, caused countless innocent lives and shattered dreams of the children especially those who were in the war-torn areas in Mindanao and other regions in the Philippines.

The reasons of these on-going conflicts were political. We know that there are already political points that do not jibe. We are apprehensive that these same reasons will jeopardize the initial talks if all parties will continue to be adamant with their respective political agenda. 

But what if instead of focusing on the differences, we give peace a chance to blossom within a considerable period of time. Within that period, we work to understand all our differences.