Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flood Summit?

This May (photos posted), it was our first to experience that floodwater entered our ground floor at ankle-deep twice in one month.  No wonder, as recent news on flooding everywhere is indeed already alarming. Floodwater for some areas in Davao City, has become heartless this time claiming not only properties but also lives as what happened to Matina and Bangkal of Davao City last June 29.

The floodwater was so deep and ferocious that it tossed up cars and other properties. Death toll was 25, perhaps the first to happen in the city. 

With this natural disaster, the need to adopt measures to at least reduce if not totally eliminate costly damage is necessary. Perhaps, a flood summit that will assess the situation of all 404-flood prone areas in the city and recommend mitigating measures has to be conducted soon.

The causes of alarming floodwater are numerous. But we are confident that one is the continuing rape of our mountains in the name of development. Subdivision developers, for example, are clearing up more elevated areas for their housing projects. The result is that during heavy downpour, the rain would rush down to the low-lying areas which are now turned into catch basin. This is complicated with the heavily silted natural water channels like creek and brooks which are also clogged due to people's garbage. The low-lying areas are also guilty of having no proper drainage system - adding insult to injury - so to speak.

Many commented that the disaster we are experiencing is payback time for all the foolishness we afforded the nature or the environment. I cannot disagree. But if there is a chance to change the course, the call time is now.