Monday, May 16, 2011

Crab Mentality

Mangrove forest destruction in some areas in Mindanao is a reality. The destruction continues under the nose of the government or agencies which are supposedly tasked to safeguard the integrity of the mangrove forests.

Aside from preventing soil erosion, mangrove forest is the home of crabs, small fishes and other sea creatures. This forest system is important part of the marine ecosystem. Ironically, this area is receiving all kinds of pressures resulting from various human activities. Sadly, large areas of mangrove have given way to infrastructural development while the remaining forests are consistently raided for charcoal and firewood.  

There are efforts to protect and preserve the remaining mangrove forest in Mindanao. But given the continued rape on this important ecosystem, we would say that the efforts would not suffice. The private sector or the communities cannot do it alone nor the local government. To put a stop on these abuses, we need to have unity. Unfortunately, this is a scarce commodity.


Liz said...

Parang yung nangyayari din sa Palawan. :(

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