Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ordinario, Credo and Batain

This morning, three OFWs convicted of drug trafficking were meted death by lethal injection by the Chinese government despite efforts of the Philippine government and other sectors that pleaded for a lower sentence. This is the lowest point of the lives of their families, relatives and friends and we hope that they can recover soon from this tragic moment. 

We also hope that the media will soon end their respective coverage so that the grief and sufferings of the individuals affected by their deaths will not be exacerbated. The families of the OFWs need our understanding and prayers.

We really don't know what brought them to such a situation. What is clear to us is that they became victims of international drug syndicates. So long as these syndicates are not eliminated, we will continue to have cases like this. For Sally, Ramon and Elizabeth, RIP.