Tuesday, February 8, 2011

RIP Ret. Gen. Angelo Reyes

Yesterday, we heard of the sad news - the death of former AFP Chief, Department of National Defense and Department of Energy Sec. Angelo Reyes who, reports said, committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest while visiting the grave of his mother. He was rushed to the hospital where the attending physicians pronounced him as "dead on arrival."

He had been in the eye of the media after he was dragged into the on-going senate committee investigation on the alleged anomalies in the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The senate probe which Pnoy ordered, is digging into the case of Gen. Carlos Garcia and the hefty cash gifts that AFP is giving to their retiring bosses including, allegation claimed, Reyes. The senate committee hearing relies on the testimonies from whistle blowers retired Lt. Col. George Rabusa, ex-military budget officer, and Commission on Audit auditor Heidi Mendoza. 

Whatever pushed him to take his own life is beyond our understanding. But I believe that the controversy was a torment he could not handle knowing his family is affected. As part of the probe hearing, the senate wanted to summon the wives of the resource persons in the controversy.

I am also saddened of his untimely death. Definitely, Reyes is also a victim. If true, the system could possibly exist without the knowledge of the higher-ups or in MalacaƱang Palace as Muntilupa Representative Biazon explained the ABS-CBN News Channel which quoted him: “There were 4 AFP chiefs of staff under Cory, 3 I think in Ramos’ time, then Erap had 2, then Arroyo had 11, so there are 21 people.”  

Anyways, I hope in the end truth will prevail. 

May his soul rest in peace.