Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Three Engineers Talk

Jokes Baskets Blog visited this site. When I paid him a visit, I laughed at this joke posted on his blog. Visit his site...

One day, a Mechanical Engineer, a Civil Engineer, an Electrical Engineer, a Chemical Engineer and a Software Engineer were driving down the street in the same car.

The car broke down.

The Mechanical Engineer said, "I think a car broke. We can check the car."

The ivil Engineer said, "I think a road broke. We can check the roads."

The Chemical Engineer said, "The way it sputtered at the end, I don't think it's getting gas. We shall check the gas tank."

The Electrical Engineer said, "I think there was a spark and something is wrong with the electrical system. We shall check the circuitry."

All three turned to the Software engineer and said, "What do you think?"

The Software Engineer said, "We shall get out of the car and get in Again." (Logout and Login)