Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pass the Burden

There are countless mouths that feed from the public land transportation. I don't have a statistics yet. With the increase in the prices of products, as usual, the pressure is eventually passed on to the commuters that comprise the common tao - the consumers or end-users and business sector. Although directly affected by any movement of oil prices, the drivers can only temporarily feel it since they can always pass the burden to the ordinary commuters and traders especially small traders. 

Of course, it won't end there since the domino effect will also jack-up the prices of the basic commodities. Sadly, this is a cycle readily blamed on the laws of economics. And whether it is normal or not, it surely depends on where fence you are in. :-). But we know that many will definitely react to these recent increases in oil products. Many are not happy with these developments under the Aquino administration. Read twitters, blogs and other social networks. In my case, these recent increases will economically hurt us. What to do? I guess Sun-Star Network management will be able to increase the pay for my editorial cartoons. LOL yet like you perhaps, I am serious.

Dictionary: "Bastos" may mean rude, impolite or pervert, depending on the action affecting other person.