Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pnoy's Porsche 911

From his own pocket, Pnoy bought a third-hand white Porsche 911 for Php4.5 million. Just the same, many criticized him for this luxurious car purchase amid socioeconomic issues besetting the country. Public officials are supposed to show how to live simply especially in times of economic uncertainty facing many.

Three Engineers Talk

Jokes Baskets Blog visited this site. When I paid him a visit, I laughed at this joke posted on his blog. Visit his site...

One day, a Mechanical Engineer, a Civil Engineer, an Electrical Engineer, a Chemical Engineer and a Software Engineer were driving down the street in the same car.

The car broke down.

The Mechanical Engineer said, "I think a car broke. We can check the car."

The ivil Engineer said, "I think a road broke. We can check the roads."

The Chemical Engineer said, "The way it sputtered at the end, I don't think it's getting gas. We shall check the gas tank."

The Electrical Engineer said, "I think there was a spark and something is wrong with the electrical system. We shall check the circuitry."

All three turned to the Software engineer and said, "What do you think?"

The Software Engineer said, "We shall get out of the car and get in Again." (Logout and Login)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Eat Kamote

The government is missing a point in a number of issues. One is the suggestion coming from the Department of Agriculture (DA) for Filipinos to eat more kamote (sweet potato). It is neither a bad idea nor a good solution.

First, the staple food of the Filipinos is rice or corn grits in the case of the Visayan region and some parts of Mindanao. But as technological backwardness in the the farming methods of the country coupled with other factors, rice and corn production shortage has become a nagging reality. Adding insult to injury is the reported presence of rice cartel manipulating prices of rice.

Eating kamote is of course not new to all Pinoys. It is part of of our diet. For instance, in some occasions, I would serve my family with rice-kamote (in chunks) mix as one traditional meal recipe. This I learned from my grandparents. Also, kamote is one of the best snack food that we have, prepared in a number of ways, from steamed to fried kamote or sweetened kamote que as an all-time favorite of office and construction workers alike. My lady is a big fan of kamote, too.  

Meaning, you don't tell us to opt for kamote when rice is not available for the meal or when we are hungry. But highlight that as a solution to the recurring low rice and corn production is a myopic response to food problem. I guess the best solution with immediate and long-term benefits is to address factors that have contributed to the woe of food shortage. Not the other way around. What are the factors? We have indiscriminate land-use conversion in the first place; low capital on farm production; lack of farm-to-market roads, rice cartel, farming technology crisis, etc.     

Through the Department of Agriculture, the government aims to make the country rice sufficient three years from now. I hope this will happen. Anyway, kamote is part of us Filipinos. In fact, when one is frustrated with his workers, the boss would tell them to go home and plant kamote. On this note, I would like to tell this to the government of Pnoy. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pass the Burden

There are countless mouths that feed from the public land transportation. I don't have a statistics yet. With the increase in the prices of products, as usual, the pressure is eventually passed on to the commuters that comprise the common tao - the consumers or end-users and business sector. Although directly affected by any movement of oil prices, the drivers can only temporarily feel it since they can always pass the burden to the ordinary commuters and traders especially small traders. 

Of course, it won't end there since the domino effect will also jack-up the prices of the basic commodities. Sadly, this is a cycle readily blamed on the laws of economics. And whether it is normal or not, it surely depends on where fence you are in. :-). But we know that many will definitely react to these recent increases in oil products. Many are not happy with these developments under the Aquino administration. Read twitters, blogs and other social networks. In my case, these recent increases will economically hurt us. What to do? I guess Sun-Star Network management will be able to increase the pay for my editorial cartoons. LOL yet like you perhaps, I am serious.

Dictionary: "Bastos" may mean rude, impolite or pervert, depending on the action affecting other person. 

On Philippine Air Force Planes

This was one of the various editorial cartoons I drew last year in relation to plane/chopper crash accidents suffered by the Philippine Air Force (PAF). PAF is still using old planes which are derided as "widow makers." Officials were quick to defend that these aging planes/choppers are still in tip-top condition. Sigh. Well, maybe they are air-worthy yet but the fact remains, they are old. Or maybe younger than our 40-year old air cooled beetle, but I would ride in our beetle. It does not fly, anyway. 

If the country is into a war, I don't know how to win that war with old and aging men of war. 

Dictionary: "PAFTAY!" plays with the local term "patay" that means "dead" or colloquially "busted!"