Friday, December 24, 2010

Peace and DOH Cartoons


"Don't worry, sir, it's the same rice porridge for the whole family..." would likely be the answer to the warning of the Department of Health on what to eat these holidays. Pnoy has still a long way to go to overhaul major major problems of the country put under one hackneyed term "change." Meaning, majority of the Filipino people still live under the poverty scale. I am afraid he can't resolve this aspect same thing that he has difficulty in finding a partner in life. :-)

The second cartoon is on the 18-day suspension of military operations or SOMO that the Armed Forces of the Philippine implemented in time for the yuletide spirit. SOMO will end by January 3 next year. If I am not mistaken, the National Democratic Front (NDF) also declared their version of SOMO.

In Davao City, the local government invited as guests prominent NPA leaders to come down to the city and to sup with them. (Davao is having the Pasko Fiesta celebration.) And then there's the rub, so to speak, that the military would arrest rebels who have pending criminal cases.  This story incensed the vice mayor warning those who would arrest his guests that he would take side with his guests in case. Well, it is far-fetched because NPA's Ka Parago declined and instead invited Mayor Inday Sara Duterte and Vice Mayor Rody Duterte to trek to their lairs for the same spirit they offered the rebels for the season.