Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Meri Krisismas!

That's Santa Claus from North Pole with his laughing all-the-way ho-ho-ho. But this time instead of the usual Merry Christmas greeting, SC cries Merry Crisis-mas! Philippines holds as one of the countries that holds the longest yuletide season. For instance, some radio stations would start airing Christmas jingles as early as September reminding everyone that Christmas season is just around the corner. Although some business establishments and homes would start decorating in December. Of course, you would then casually hear Christmas greetings in the neighborhood and workplaces.

I take this Christmas exceptional or different from the past Decembers I observed although there are homes and offices that decorate for the season, there seems to be a lack of jubilation now compared to what we used to have in the past Christmas celebrations. Perhaps, the news about prices of some basic commodities this season going up is one factor to consider. So maybe maybe many Pinoys are not happy to celebrate this season over oil price hike, liquified petroleum gas price hike, rice price hike, impending fare hike, toll fee hike in the case of Luzon, etc. All these explain the editorial cartoon on crisis-mas.