Sunday, November 14, 2010

History Repeats

Many, of course, had reservations when the well-loved Filipino world boxing champ Manny Pacquiao was announced to be pitted against the much bigger opponent Antonio Margarito of Mexico. But as experts hinted on Pacman's speed as his arsenal against Margarito, we got confidence. True enough, as we watched the opening salvo of the WBA Welterweight Title recently, experts were right. Throughout the 12-round clash of the great fighters on the ring, Pacman dominated and pounded hard on the towering Margarito dubbed as Goliath of the ring against David in this much-anticipated fight in Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas. 

Instead of sling, he used his speed. History repeats nevertheless. Size is not an issue here. At the tail of the 12 rounds, I heard side sportscasters blurted out Tijuana Tornado turned to signal no. 1 instead.    

Pacman churned more punches as Margarito did although the man put up also a good fight till the end. He should be credited for that as a great fighter standing tough despite the blows of those earthshaking punches of Pacman. Margarito sustained a cut on the right cheek that almost made him the one-eyed giant in the ring. Really that was a dazzling fight Pacman gave to all Filipinos and to all his boxing fans around the world. 

This is the 8th title won by our kababayan (compatriot). Who would not be proud of being Pinoy these days with Pacquaio showing to the world what we can do in our own right. Now, go back soon to your congressional job, huh?  Ok. don't forget Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Farmers' Woe

Some of the farmers are in predicament on how to pay back the loans they got from the Quedan and Rural Credit Guarantee Corporation or Quedancor under the strategy of Ginintuang Ani ni GMA Cares Program of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Sun-Star Davao reports that the farmers' loans have reached over Php7million. Poor poor farmers really. 

Ok, obviously the program failed in its vision if it had it. But we believed that the program was aimed to supposedly alleviate poverty affecting the farming sector and that those farmers believed in the vision by availing of the loans. What happened along the way? Some say it is the same old reason - poverty. The farmers could not possibly pay the loans and their interests because of poor production. Same old story.  What is the way out? We don't know if the government of Pnoy will listen to their demand to scrap the program pushed in partnership with the Department of Agriculture (2002-2004).