Monday, September 6, 2010

Tawa-Tawa, Cure to Dengue?

The photos show tawa-tawa which has milky juice when cut. Ubiquitos because these herbs or lowly plants are everywhere as seen in our yard. With the rising cases of dengue in some parts of the country, the lowly plants tawa-tawa has once again brought to fore. Claims refuse to die that the lowly plants are a cure to dengue. That's the layman's understanding. But some medical experts claim that it is not true. The Department of Health, for instance, warned the public from resorting to claims that remain to be proven. Tawa-tawa is not a cure or surefire cure to dengue. And until now, dengue has known no medicines -- ok synthetic medicines.

In an interview by the GMA Kapuso this morning, Dr. Jimmy Galvez Tan claimed that the tawa-tawa is hemostatic - which means it counters bleeding that a dengue victim, especially extreme cases, will experience in addition to increasing platelet counts in a dengue patient. Now, that simply means tawa-tawa is one of the best so far aside from the costly platelet transfusion. You have the choices there.

But actually, the claims on the benefits of tawa-tawa as far as dengue patients are concerned are not new. I heard of these claims countless times (to the DOH, I said, "countless times") before in addition to hearing directly from friends whose kids had once a bout with dengue but miraculously improved after taking tawa-tawa tea.

Like you and Dr. Tan, I also wonder why the DOH has never given tawa-tawa a chance to be fully researched and developed on these herbs/plants given the favorable claims of countless dengue patients? Why, indeed?