Saturday, September 11, 2010

On DDT Konstract

Perhaps, one of the best constructors of skyhigh buildings in the country today is DDT Konstract. It has an on-going project in Davao City now. 

But DDT Konstract was unlucky recently when a portion of the building under construction collapsed hurting four workers and killing one worker. City engineers claimed that the columns supposedly supporting the weight of the fresh cement mix gave way. Poor mathematics.

And the story behind the cartoon. When the incident happened, the police and rescue 911 of Davao City, responding to an SOS were not allowed to enter the site. We really don't know what twisted the logical thinking of the management when they ordered the security guards to block the responding teams from gaining and immediate entry to the site.

In short, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte was irked over the incident demanding an explanation from the DDT Konstract. Instead it apologized for the incident. I heard that the police filed a case for obstruction of justice presumably against the security guards and those that issued the order.