Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gold is gold

Again, as I was busy these past days I was not able to post new issues here. Been too busy working on design projects as a freelance artist. Good for me, bad for my blog that I left unattended for months. :-(. While there are issue cropping up - from the local level up to the national level, I failed to keep pace with these developments as far as my cartoons are concerned. These past days, I only submitted quickly-drawn cartoons.  Most were haphazardly analyzed --- issue wise and visually-wise. My featured cartoon was published months ago. It pertained to the undying issue on the rights of the IP over their so-called ancestral domain vs. a mining operations in Mt. Diwalwal - one of the goldmines in Mindanao. Nah, I won't discuss the issue. Why I posted this is because I also noticed that I erred in drawing the hands of the bad guy. The right hand should have been placed over the lefthand. LOL. 

Anyways, in the local level, we were confronted with realities of accidents chiefly because of some people or drivers' error. A public utility jeep collided with a truck which resulted in the death of nine PUJ passengers. Similar accident happened in the past due to almost the same reason -- overspeeding. In Davao, many PUJs here are not the PUJs we knew as before. Aside from a bigger capacity, they are fitted with truck engines from ELF, Canter, etc. Now, imagine when they are driven by irresponsible drivers who have no regards whatsoever over the safety of the lives onboard. The public already complained against these overspeeding uso-uso (loosely means "in") PUJs in the past but it is only now that the local government reacted fully -- urging the Land Transportation to monitor these PUJs, gathered all the uso-uso drivers and operators and imposed speed limit to a safe level in the city.     


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