Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gold is gold

Again, as I was busy these past days I was not able to post new issues here. Been too busy working on design projects as a freelance artist. Good for me, bad for my blog that I left unattended for months. :-(. While there are issue cropping up - from the local level up to the national level, I failed to keep pace with these developments as far as my cartoons are concerned. These past days, I only submitted quickly-drawn cartoons.  Most were haphazardly analyzed --- issue wise and visually-wise. My featured cartoon was published months ago. It pertained to the undying issue on the rights of the IP over their so-called ancestral domain vs. a mining operations in Mt. Diwalwal - one of the goldmines in Mindanao. Nah, I won't discuss the issue. Why I posted this is because I also noticed that I erred in drawing the hands of the bad guy. The right hand should have been placed over the lefthand. LOL. 

Anyways, in the local level, we were confronted with realities of accidents chiefly because of some people or drivers' error. A public utility jeep collided with a truck which resulted in the death of nine PUJ passengers. Similar accident happened in the past due to almost the same reason -- overspeeding. In Davao, many PUJs here are not the PUJs we knew as before. Aside from a bigger capacity, they are fitted with truck engines from ELF, Canter, etc. Now, imagine when they are driven by irresponsible drivers who have no regards whatsoever over the safety of the lives onboard. The public already complained against these overspeeding uso-uso (loosely means "in") PUJs in the past but it is only now that the local government reacted fully -- urging the Land Transportation to monitor these PUJs, gathered all the uso-uso drivers and operators and imposed speed limit to a safe level in the city.     

Saturday, September 11, 2010

On DDT Konstract

Perhaps, one of the best constructors of skyhigh buildings in the country today is DDT Konstract. It has an on-going project in Davao City now. 

But DDT Konstract was unlucky recently when a portion of the building under construction collapsed hurting four workers and killing one worker. City engineers claimed that the columns supposedly supporting the weight of the fresh cement mix gave way. Poor mathematics.

And the story behind the cartoon. When the incident happened, the police and rescue 911 of Davao City, responding to an SOS were not allowed to enter the site. We really don't know what twisted the logical thinking of the management when they ordered the security guards to block the responding teams from gaining and immediate entry to the site.

In short, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte was irked over the incident demanding an explanation from the DDT Konstract. Instead it apologized for the incident. I heard that the police filed a case for obstruction of justice presumably against the security guards and those that issued the order.

Editorial Cartoon in Panels

I love to draw editorial cartoon in panels showing series of actions to convey the message or point in relation to certain issue like what I attempted to depict in this piece. Of course, the challenge is that this type of approach takes time to finish aside from the ideation process that you will need to come up with good story line. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hostage Crisis

I really don't know what is in store for Pres. Nonoy Aquino III or Pnoy after the hostage crisis. Obviously, many were not happy how his government handled or mishandled the hostage situation that caused the lives of eight Hong Kong nationals last August 23 in Quirino Grandstand (Manila). Political critics are seemingly not in the mode to keep there silence yet as they capitalize on this for political end.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Tawa-Tawa, Cure to Dengue?

The photos show tawa-tawa which has milky juice when cut. Ubiquitos because these herbs or lowly plants are everywhere as seen in our yard. With the rising cases of dengue in some parts of the country, the lowly plants tawa-tawa has once again brought to fore. Claims refuse to die that the lowly plants are a cure to dengue. That's the layman's understanding. But some medical experts claim that it is not true. The Department of Health, for instance, warned the public from resorting to claims that remain to be proven. Tawa-tawa is not a cure or surefire cure to dengue. And until now, dengue has known no medicines -- ok synthetic medicines.

In an interview by the GMA Kapuso this morning, Dr. Jimmy Galvez Tan claimed that the tawa-tawa is hemostatic - which means it counters bleeding that a dengue victim, especially extreme cases, will experience in addition to increasing platelet counts in a dengue patient. Now, that simply means tawa-tawa is one of the best so far aside from the costly platelet transfusion. You have the choices there.

But actually, the claims on the benefits of tawa-tawa as far as dengue patients are concerned are not new. I heard of these claims countless times (to the DOH, I said, "countless times") before in addition to hearing directly from friends whose kids had once a bout with dengue but miraculously improved after taking tawa-tawa tea.

Like you and Dr. Tan, I also wonder why the DOH has never given tawa-tawa a chance to be fully researched and developed on these herbs/plants given the favorable claims of countless dengue patients? Why, indeed?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sun-Star Davao Crystal Anniversary

Time flies. Really. And I just realized it after I received an e-invitation from the management of Sun-Star Davao for its crystal anniversary come September 10 in one of the posh hotels in Davao City - the Waterfront Insular Hotel along Lanang this city. The theme of the 15th year celebration is "Community Journalism on a Continuing Upgrade." 

Since I joined the SSD during the early 90s, I was only able to participate in a so-called strategic planning once. After that, I missed almost all planning sessions and Christmas Parties that followed for a number of personal reasons. Being in the sideline as the editorial cartoonist of the paper, I saw it moved up maintaining its critical role in the realm of community journalism in the region. SSD is one of the leading papers that has consistently received appreciations and awards. I take pride to be part of it - an institution as far as community journalism is concerned.

The invitation reads that the celebration is an Appreciation Night where it will duly recognize those who have contributed so much to its achievements and successes. Highlighting the event is a posthumous "Gawad Dabawenyo Award" to my former boss Rey Magno Teves for his contribution to the peace and progress efforts for Mindanao.  RMT dedicated all his life in finding workable solutions to the peace and development problem of Mindanao. 

Kudos to all at SSD. Happy 15th anniversary!