Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Manila Hostage-Taking

It was a tragic day last Monday (August 23) when the authorities failed in operating smoothly versus the hostage-taking incident that resulted in the death of 8 innocent tourists. The hostage-taker was also pelted by a sniper's bullets ending the 12-hour stand-off.  We can blame everyone in that fiasco but for sure - the reality was obvious that the crisis handlers, if there were, were grossly ill-equipped and therefore were not ready for that critical job. That's a "major major" fiasco.  Thanks Philippines' Venue Raj, 2010 Miss Universe 4th runner up for the quote.

We immediately met criticisms from the international community, especially from Hong Kong people, because of that tragedy. This is disturbing because it happened when we wanted to cultivate a spirit of solidarity with the people all around the world via the tourism industry, for instance. Can we bring back that confidence in us? We really don't know. I am afraid condolences would not be enough.  

From here, we know we can improve - I mean - our law enforcers can improve. Everyone can learn from the handling or mishandling of the situation. But to prove that we shall have or they shall have improved is a process if you know what I am trying to say.