Monday, May 10, 2010

Clean and Honest Elections

The people have spoken and they spoke with a loud message that they still have trust in our democratic processes. This was message we got from yesterday's national exercise when people trooped to polling places despite the negative issues hurled at the COMELEC and the technical glitches of the PICOS machines. And for the so-called shallow political pundits and doomsayers alike who loved to talk about failure of elections and no-election scenarios, etc. during the entire span of the campaign period, I just felt sorry for them. COMELEC is vendicated this time and they should be credited for the successful first poll automation in the country.

I think as a country we are already in the doorstep of having perfect elections in the future given all the lessons we had yesterday. Despite the problems arising from lack of systematic management in the actual voting of people, we can say that this is the first election that electoral fraud especially in the counting of votes, is out of the picture. Results are quickly known compared to the manual counting in the past that was susceptible to maneuverings. The atmosphere of the elections yesterday was generally peaceful even when there were cases of violence in some parts of the country.

Anyways, vox populi, vox dei. We congratulate all winning candidates in this successful May 10 national elections. For those who failed to make it to the people's hearts, start carving good records for the next elections, now like immediately conceding to defeat and to air support to the elected officials.