Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Political Trend

This national election has two firsts. That the people have to choose from among nine (9) presidential candidates and eight (8) vice-presidential candidates. And the first full automated elections following Republic Act 9359 to happen in our elections that were always marred with electoral frauds and cheating in the past. This hopefully allows, without glitches contrary to what doomsayers are saying, the people to know quickly who will lead the next administration of this country.

With barely 15 days left to the day of elections, we believe that the electorate have already decided who to vote. If there are changes in their minds, that would depend on the effects of black propaganda and mudslinging galore that are happening these days. This ugly part of our electoral process is perceived as normal. It happens. For instance, Noynoy Aquino III, a presidential candidate who enjoys popular support from since day one, was tagged as having psychiatric problem. However, his mental health record that was issued to the media was faked. The camp of Manny Villar, another strong presidential contender, was blamed for the black propaganda. 

For Villar, what is perceived as a ploy by his detractors - the revelation of former personnel (if memory serves me right) who is saying to the media that Villar's real estate firm (one of the biggest in the country) allegedly committed anomalies in dealing with some real estate properties. By the way, this is an issue on top of the C5 Road controversy that Villar failed to fully explain despite invitation from a senate inquiry. Although once, he faced the inquiry, he just went there to say his side but never gave the senators the chance to grill him. He is a senator and therefore he should have fully submitted himself to the process to be fair to all, especially the people, including his supporters, to know the turth of the controversy.

On the vice-presidential level, same political black propaganda is silently brewing. Recently, the electorate in Davao were dumbfounded to see yellow posters attacking Mar Roxas. This is addition to a side attack targeted at his wife Korina Sanchez over alleged maltreatment of her former househelp. Media sources pointed to the camp of Loren Legarda (running mate of Villar) to be behind the press conference of  Korina Sanchez' househelp. So expect that as the election day draws nearer, more of these stuffs will be coming out.

Political pundits decided that the actual election would be a three-cornered fight among Aquino, Villar and former pres. Erap Estrada. Poll surveys favored Aquino and Villar with Estrada tailing the two contenders. While I agree that the two have strong presence, I can still bet that Estrada has also a strong following for a number of reasons. Yesterday, I visited my relatives in Mangangalcal (Carmen, Davao del Norte) where I met some of my relatives who gathered there. It was my chance to know the real score on the ground. Who is winning? I asked them. All of them said that they would go for Erap Estrada and vouched that the former president is their bet.

"We cannot vote for a guy who has done nothing significant accomplishments as a senator." "Walay nahimo, si Noynoy," he said on Aquino III. Once, I also tried searching an answer to this line of argument online but I failed to see one. On Villar, my mama has this to say: "Ayaw ko kay Villar (I don't like Villar)." That's all. Period.

It would seem that the slogan "Erap para sa Mahirap" has found its way to the heart of the people. My uncle said, "Why vote for Aquino and Villar who are extremely rich? Erap is not that rich. They don't have genuine sympathy for the poor!"  Many of them believed that Erap is not corrupt and that was indicated when he was cleared of his case that sent him to jail for six years.  Erap was accused of plunder. By the way, what about Gibo Teodoro? My uncle said that the low-approval rating that GMA is getting negatively affects Gibo as the administration bet. 

Personally, I do not have a candidate of choice until 9 May 2010, one day before the elections. And why is that? My answer is crispy -- secret :-).