Monday, April 5, 2010

Political Mudslinging

Some are probably valid issues but unfortunately these exposes are merely used to demolish the other political candidates as a political end and not to seek for truth. Or maybe depending on the credibility of the one who makes the "expose"  because if you are having popularity problem then nobody will buy your "crusade."

I don't think that it is an effective method to get votes when voters these days, who have grown weary to the style of traditional politicians, can easily dismiss your expose as "mere politicking." Ask any ordinary man from the street if they believe these so-called exposes. Who could believe in exposes during election period when it is done to get sympathy votes?

Funny thing is that there are also valid issues that are side-swept. I am particularly talking to the issue hurled against Sen. Manny Villar who never defended his case before the senate inquiry which was a process that he should have respected. And I think many are disturbed by the positive poll rating Senator Villar is enjoying despite the C5 Road controversy. Those who are for Senator Villar regard the controversy as pamulitika lang

Since he never faced his accusers in the senate, Senator Villar has deprived us all of the truth that we need to know. Including those who support Senator Villar with his presidential bid.