Saturday, April 17, 2010

The 10th Editorial Cartoon Contest

I wanted to participate in the aforementioned contest but one of the organizers Guy Badeaux replied to my email saying that instead of April 20th as submission date, the jury moved it earlier to April 15th. The organizers deemed it necessary to move the submission to give more room for the program preparation, Mr. Badeaux said in his email. Well, I was unfortunate to miss the deadline of the competition and maybe do it next time. 

The theme of this 10th International Editorial Cartoon Competition is: "The 'Right' not to be offended is not a right." Apparently, a response to the situation of some editorial cartoonists who are facing threats of their lives because of the sensitive subjects they drew. Defending on the level of the reaction of the "offended" quarters, this is really happening to the editorial cartoonists. So I guess, the editorial cartoonists should also evaluate his drawings so as not to court unnecessary problem.

BTW, the drawing I posted here is a usual critic on rice importation that negatively affects the small farmers.