Monday, March 8, 2010

Power Crisis

The energy crisis is waggling its ugly tail again. First, the Davao Light and Power Company earlier announced that there would be a one-hour rotating power curtailment as power supply from the grid of Transco is decreasing with the onset of dry spell or El Niño.

Imagine rushing a job using your computer and then suddenly a power cutoff strikes? The bad news is that the rotational power outage is extended to two hours. This is the point of the cartoon. Well, we can do nothing about it and perhaps, at the moment, we can still be thankful if we compared this scenario years back. That was during the 90s when the entire Mindanao, which relies 90 percent of its power on hydro generation, plunged into long hours of darkness or power crisis.

The Department of Energy Sec. Angelo Reyes had a proposal, blame God for this power crisis. He is doing a Pontius Pilate. Though El Niño maybe an act of God, the game is in our hands to do something to mitigate the impact of the phenomenon. The long dry spell is given but what we are doing to soften the impact if this is inevitable?

For instance, it is the government’s role to supposedly tap alternative sources of energy and make them work after the lesson we had in the 90s. Following the energy crisis in the 90s, we conducted a research on alternative sources of energy that can be possibly tapped or developed. These options were already being practiced. Meaning, they were doable or feasible. And as to their viability, perhaps the government can help in this aspect.

Options we gathered had included mini-hydro, windmill, solar energy, biogas, etc. But the government has failed to tap these alternative sources of energy.


Anonymous said...

Better say nothing than nothing to the purpose. ........................................

PinayWAHM said...

And the blame game goes on & on & on...and it's God's turn to be blamed? Aha! That's pathetic. You're right...he's doing a Pontius Pilate.

It's been raining here on & off the past couple of weeks so baka andito lahat ng tubig. I'm sure na in a few weeks, kami naman ang magkaka El Nino.

Anyway, thanks for the visit! I like the cartoon you posted... as always.


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