Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Politicians' Holy Week

The Holy Week this April 1 and 2 is one indication for the country's supposed deep religiosity. But it has also become one of the tourist attractions. Tourists want to witness the reenaction of Christ's crucifixion 2 thousands years ago. The Catholic Church is not happy with this since that veers away from real essence of the holy observance. But of course who can tell those hard-headed "faithful" who think they can wash away their sins through their own ways? 

Anyways, it happens that this Holy Week is sandwiched between the on-going electoral campaign period and the upcoming national elections come May 10, 2010. The politicians are barred from riding on the celebration. No campaigning is allowed, warned the Commission on Election (COMELEC). Meanwhile, my cartoon is also timely with its usual "irreverence" directed at the so-called traditional politicians. 

Btw, I think we need to define a traditional politician or the coinage "trapo" which is a word for rag. I would like to post on this topic next time or next post but I think one of the characteristics of a trapo is one who lies just to get the votes of the electorate. Therefore he is consummate liar. Go figure who are these presidential candidates who are liars. Bet, you can easily spot them through their ads.