Monday, March 8, 2010

R. Duterte - Nograles Verbal Tussle

The political cauldron in Davao City is heating up as noted from the recent exchange of accusations between the incumbent Mayor Rody Duterte who is running for vice mayor, and House Speaker Boy Nograles who is again gunning for the mayoralty post of Davao City.

My drawing tried to depict a funny scene. The background was - the Team Nograles alleged that Rody Duterte’s administration has been fraught with anomalies. Naturally, Mayor Duterte fought back through his Sunday program “Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa.” When local tv reporters tried to get his side on Mayor Duterte's reply, Nograles simply sang a line from an old song.

If this should reach its boiling point, we hope that it will be on the day of elections and by way of the people’s voice. We cannot allow this verbal tussle to result in any undesirable circumstances. Afterall, both men are respected in Davao City. And afterall, this is just politics. Well, ugly specter of politics.


kookeekrumbs said...

Sana nga mag-draw(sinumbagay) na lang sila. Hagit man! Joke lang pud ning ako. Isog man sila parehas. Pero politics ra ang issue. Paita pud ning mga pulitiko sama niini nila 'sa? Kapoy muboto kung ingon ini lang ang manaog. Maayo unta mu-dumala ug lugar pero sayran sa tawo sige lang diay ni sila ug binalikasay. Hala pagsinumbagay mo Boy, Digong!