Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lights Out

In our own dialect or in Cebuano dialect to be exact, "lights out" is "palong og mga suga." Let me clarify, I was born in Davao City and so I am a Davaoeño by birth but I am a Cebuano by origin since my grandparents came from Cebu - the Queen of the South. Unfortunately, I only have few Davaoeño words I learned from classmates from Davao Oriental who spoke the dialect. What we regularly use is Bisaya Dialect or Cebuano Dialect. "Bisaya" refers to the Visayas Region where Cebu is located.

As a melting pot of cultures, Davao City appears to have no dialect of its own. What you hear is a mixture of dialects dominated by Cebuano words and Tagalog or Filipino. Unless you are in the province of Davao Oriental, you seldom hear the Davaoeño dialect here. In fact, the mixture of dialects is mirrored in a joke like this: "Sinabi kong huwag tumabok pero tumabok, hayan naligsan tuloy! (I told him not to cross [the street] but he did not listen that's he was ran over). "Tumabok is funny combination of "tawid" (Tagalog) and "tabok" (Bisaya or Cebuano) while "naligsan" is Bisaya word for "run over." The phrase would surely elicit laughter.

Anyways, "palong" (to switch off) is a Cebuano word. In Tagalog, the equivalent word is somewhat gory which is "patay" which is "to kill or dead" in English. So if you say, "patayin mo ang ilaw" you are saying if literally understood as "kill the light (ilaw in Tagalog or Filipino but it's "suga" in Cebuano)." So, last night (from 8:30 P.M. to 9:30 P.M) we did palong our lights to express our participation in the Earth Hour. It was a successful activity as per report by the ABS-CBN television network saying that, if I am not mistaken, over 15 million Filipinos participated in the cause. But within my neighborhood, not all herded the call of the Earth Hour. Perhaps, many did not learn about it.

In my opinion, the activity was or is well-meaning. If in our case, we will practice switching off our light for one hour everyday, we are pretty sure to save from usually electric bill of over Php1,500.00 monthly (or roughly USD31). We know this is doable if we sacrifice by skipping our fave tv programs or using the computer, etc in an hour on the daily basis. Let me see...

Despite its well-meaning intention, the Earth Hour gets its own critics or haters. Well, we can't do about it. We cannot please everyone. But we know that somehow, they are right in saying that there are other issues that can be tackled aside from the issue on global warming. But in presenting those points, we cannot agree that Earth Hour is not a noble idea. It is a noble idea that anyone can emulate for other valid societal issues.


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