Thursday, March 25, 2010

Join Earth Hour 2010

First time we participated in Earth Hour was in March 2008. In 2009, we also responded to the call of the local organizers by voluntarily switching off our lights and everything on the appointed time. Again, we will do the same tomorrow joining in spirit with all the citizens of the world who would be positively responding to the event.

If there were only few of us in the neighborhood that joined the Earth Hour, I am sure many would participate this time - as one of the things we can contribute to the well-meaning goal for the Earth and the entire humanity. I always remember the apt slogan I heard many times when I was with an environment-based group in the 90s - think globally, act locally!

In view of the present energy crisis, I guess Earth Hour makes sense especially if we will do it on a regular basis like switching off our lights one hour each day beginning after Earth Hour. I am sure the positive impact would be on our power consumption.

By the way, the filler at the topmost side of this post is my idea on how we Filipinos participate in the Earth Hour. I just culled out from some sites the elements and put them together. The official logo of the event is this small icon here, if you don't know yet. Click that logo for the Earth Hour site. Baye!


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