Monday, November 9, 2009

On Rey Magno Teves

It's a sad November when I learned that one of the pillars of Federal Mindanao and Philippines, for that matter, untimely passed away last Saturday, November 7, due to acute pneumonia. Rey Magno Teves was 65 years old.

I could not forget our first meeting when I was hired to work for the sustainable agriculture program of TACDRUP in 2003. It was here that I saw in the man the unwavering passion to serve his fellow Mindanaoans. RMT as we called him at the Technical Assistance Center for the Development of Rural and Urban Poor (TACDRUP), had been pushing for the concept and application of federalism not only for the war-ravaged Mindanao but the entire Philippines. That's the reason he was fondly called as "Mr. Pideral." He was a peace advocate and social development worker that has dedicated all his life for Mindanao development.

I believe that he had shared his life so much to the Mindanaoans in various ways as a consistent social activist, journalist, peace advocate and government servant. Once he served as urban poor representative to congress and to various government-based institutions.

I never addressed him "Sir Rey" as some did. Instead, I would casually address him 'Nong Rey." "'Nong or Manong" which means older brother. My manner of addressing him was out of admiration for all he did for us Mindanaoans.

Rest in peace, Sir Rey!