Thursday, September 17, 2009

Power or Water

I missed to really follow the this issue by the details. Anyway, the hydro power project of the Aboitiz Power Corporation aims to generate about 27.5-MW power. The project enjoyed the nod of the National Water Resources Board but denied the Davao City Water District for its intent to tap the Tamugan-Panigan River for Davao City. The latter is trying to resubmit their intent.

I believe that residents of Davao City will benefit from these projects - a stabler power and water supply for the city. Although I firmly believe that water is more important than power so that tender-loving care has to be afforded to a water ecosystem which ensures water supply for the people. So I worry about the impact of Hedcor project on the environmentally critical area as one of the tributaries for the water reserved of Davao City. Well, we have experts who think they know everything about the carrying capacity of the river. Let us see.