Tuesday, September 1, 2009

On INC's Ka Erdy

Kapatid na Eraño “Ka Erdy” de Guzman Manalo (kapatid means "brother) of the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) passed away last August 31 in his home at 84. INC spokesperson Bienvenido Santiago said that Ka Erdy died of heart attack.

The INC can be considered as one of the influential churches in the country because of its doctrine on bloc-voting during elections. As a result, politicians would woo no end the support of the INC.

Ka Erdy took over the church leadership when Ka Felix Ysagun Manalo died in 1963. He steered the church further to greatness when its evangeligical missions reached to over 90 countries and territories and 4,500 congregations worldwide.

Among the "unique" teachings of the INC include the compulsory membership in the true church to be saved from eternal damnation and in its belief, contrary to other churches' belief, that Jesus Christ is not god (or the God) but son of God sent by God (the Father) for the humanity’s salvation.

INC is one of the largest indigenous churches (if not the largest) that originated from the Philippines and is continuously sending throughout the world ministers and evangelists. In the country, its church buildings are eye-catching for their architectural designs unique from other religious denominations' worship buildings. The INC celebrated its 95th anniversary last July 27 (INC was established in 1914) which was declared as special holiday by the government. The next executive minister will likely be deputy executive minister Ka Eddieboy Villanueva Manalo who, reports said, had long been trained and prepared for the position.

The remains of Ka Erdy lie in state at the Central Temple (Quezon City) where public viewing is on-going. As reported in the media, the wake is devoid of any rituals like necrological services due mainly to INC's belief that all these pratices are not biblical. My condolences to all kapatiran of the INC.

Photo: Lifted from the site of http://newsinfo.inquirer.net


Makapili said...

Trivia: Don't you know that founder, Felix Manalo, was amember of the Free Masonry. That is why there is a resemblance betwwen the logo of Mason and Iglesia ni Cristo.

By the way back to aerial spraying. Why don't the government learn from the "Japan video presenation" that they air on government own TV station? There are so many alternatives, but why can't they use it.