Sunday, September 13, 2009

General Burden?

While others maybe enraged to see this disturbing image of Philippine Air Force Brig. Gen. Marciano Ilagan carried by the boatman as flashed on tv these past days, I could not help but laugh at how this image has succeeded in tarnishing the macho image of the AFP.

I did not see this image or footage when aired. I learned it through a loop I received so recently and when I googled it, I was amazed to learn that everyone is actually talking about it posting both hilarious and hard-hitting commentaries on this issue.

As Brig. General Ilagan was captured here, some forumers claimed other officers were also carried by the boatman. Ok, that's heresy because there were no proofs like this image we have which I don't know what kind of image our officials are trying to show to the people and to the American officer who opted to wade through the seawater after stepping down from the boat.