Thursday, September 3, 2009

Don't Dawdle

For countless times, I drew cartoons criticizing issue pertaining to oil price increases since I started in 1989. I found this one drawing (depicting the oil firms raking in profits at the expense of the poor consumers) I kept in one of my albums. Anyways, I understand that this is one of the conscience-less trades driven by greed. I posted this in relation to reports on another rounds of oil price increases.

Sen. Noynoy Aquino III has been off to Zamboanga City for a retreat in relation to the widespread call of the people for him to run as president. Right after the wake of his mother former Pres. Cory Aquino, calls for him to run were already growing but those were met by Senator Aquino with sheer reluctance and it remained even after Sen. Mar Roxas II during a Liberal Party meeting announced his withdrawal from the race for the nation and party unity.But MalacaƱang has its quick and crisp answer to this development - gimmickry. Well, that is politics and every camp needs political mileage.

But we cannot blame Senator Aquino why he seems to dawdle. The task he will be facing is daunting and gargantuan especially when the entire nation pins its hope on him. But as a voter, I cannot help but perceive this as a form of indecisiveness. Who needs a leader like this? He has to say his firm decision now or he would lose precious time to prepare everything including the need to unify the opposition as soon as possible.

Developments: Pampanga Gov. Among Ed Panlilio recently also did a Mar Roxas when he announced his withdrawal from the presidential race.


Makapili said...

nice drawing, and commentaries.

Makapili said...

thanks fo rthe visit too.. I like your illustrations...hope I could draw like that. Hope my article helped you.....hehehe joke...

by the way I covered the protest of the mindanao farmers on aerial spraying. I hope you could make some article about them, since you are, I hope, familiar with their situations, and of course you are near to them.

I already reported it on our station. I cant include that on my blog because mine is all about information that is off the record...hehehe