Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Aquino - Roxas?

With the fast approaching presidential elections, the political arena in the country is slowly heating up especially with the withdrawal of Sen Mar Roxas from his presidential bid over party unity and amid calls for Senator Aquino III to run for president. This is for the unity of the party and for the good of the country, he said in effect.

It was not an easy decision knowing fully-well how he invested so much in his preparation including the questionable informercials (Questionable because they represent as forms of early campaigning although they do not violate electoral rules). Still he made a great sacrifice which to me a very laudable decision he made because it tended to show his patriotic intention. For that, Senator Roxas received but praises.

Already, MalacaƱang said it would complicate the situation of the opposition. But at what point, we don’t know. For us, the recent decision of the Liberal Party will surely have a positive impact on the broad opposition. From here, the broad spectrum of the opposition will need to decide whether they will fight as united opposition or go with their respective political ambitions. The latter might be a complication.

With the far-reaching political machinery of the administration plus its plan to field no other than vice-president Noli "Kabayan" de Castro, the opposition has to agree among themselves immediately who will be their best bets come May 2010. Time is running out and the people have to know now. As to whether Senator Roxas will run as vice-president, the Liberal Party is yet to decide. In an interview over a television network with Franklin M. Drilon, LP chairperson, Senator Roxas would likely run in tandem with Senator Aquino. If realized, that will be a force to reckon as far as mass appeal is concerned.

Without the much-needed unity, it will be risky for the political bid of all personalities in the opposition. But next to Senator Roxas, who will do a sacrifice for the good of the country? That’s a big question.

Photo: Yahoo News/Reuters