Monday, September 28, 2009

Worst Typhoon after 40 Years

This is no time to point at anyone to blame for the disaster that some of our brothers in Luzon have terribly suffered when Typhoon Ondoy poured out its wrath recently. But I guess this is a time to ponder on what we had done in responding to the disaster. My heart went out to the victims – the helplessness of the victims who waited for the rescue operations to come but took too long in some areas.

Sad to note that despite our being in the typhoon belt, we were ill-prepared, ill-equipped in many aspects of our so-called disaster-response. For instance, rubber boats were not enough. In fact, I read from some news that the local government units in the affected areas also admitted that they were caught by surprise. Anyway, as I said this is no time for blaming and I am not blaming anyone. But as similar incident had already occurred about 40 years ago, we could have prepared fully. Forty years to prepare for the worst to come would be more than enough. Definitely, Ondoy’s onslaught is a reminder that we cannot take everything for granted.

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