Saturday, August 8, 2009

Reviling Willie?

This Youtube video has nothing to do with the trouble that popular noontime Wowowee host Willie Revillame is in after he allegedly revile Mrs. Cory Aquino whose funeral was on-going. The video was about Kiel, a Wowowee 8-year old contestant, who showed us his talent.

And the trouble? It all started with an inset of the on-going coverage of the late Mrs. Aquino's funeral being simulcast with the lively Wowowee show.

That compelled Willie, to my understanding, to ask ABS-CBN to stop from showing it, not for his disrespect on the late president as many would like us to believe, but because it was inappropriate to be shown in a timeslot where there was all but revelry and laughter while in a portion of the tv screen you see sadness taking place over the loss of a well-loved person.

Definitely, the inset did not belong to that timeslot. In fact, the ABS-CBN management could have avoided that incident by asking Mr. Revillame to momentarily forego the airing of his show in favor of the funeral coverage. Well, it happened. I hope this will be solved as soon as possible.