Sunday, August 9, 2009

GMA's Expensive NY Dinner

When I read the news on the supposed expensive dinner of Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo during her visit in America (to meet Pres. Barack Obama) as it appeared in a gossip publication, I did not right away believe in it until everybody is talking about it.

That is about the supposed “USD20,000-worth dinner splurge” she had in an expensive French restaurant in New York City, according to online news sources. While waiting for the palace to explain this, let me jump the gun by saying that the choice of her group to dine and wine in an expensive restaurant was already a bad idea which was made worst later with the expensive bill that followed. She could have settled for a cheaper yet class restaurant in there. There was a range of choices. She could have just taken for dinner some burger like what Pres. Barack Obama did in a publicized visit to a burger store. That way, she could have exemplified her simplicity and would therefore, without saying a word, remind all government officials to lead a simple lifestyle.

Whatever the explanation the palace will have on this controversy, dining and wining in an expensive restaurant is not appropriate for a leader of a country with grinding poverty issue. Madam Pres. Arroyo, check your lifestyle. (photo above is lifted from


Dalicia said...

oh wow! that's one pricey dinner!