Thursday, July 30, 2009


This is another editorial cartoon I drew on the continuing tug-of-war between the Davao City Water District (DCWD) and Hedcor that plans to put up a power project on the Panigan-Tamugan River. You will know that the area is considered as watershed area the reason that it was declared as protected area. One of the river systems in this area, Panigan-Tamugan river contributes to the city's acquifer that in turn provides the best water supply for the entire city of Davao under the management of DCWD.

Environmental groups have opposed the project of Hedcor on environmental grounds while the DCWD has its own plan to implement a project that will benefit city's users. Ironically, the National Water Regulatory Board gave a go signal to Hedcor's project. In other cartoon I drew, I presented the dissenting positions of the players: Hedcor (grabbing DCWD by the neck): Power! DCWD (gasping for breath): water, please....

Apparently, the city council sided with DCWD when it went to a "silent protest" on this concern recently. While I cannot at all say that the power project of Hedcor will endanger the acquifer of Davao City, perhaps, Hedcor should rethink. What if the project will have repercussion on the water source of Davao City even when it has the much needed economental compliance certificate (ECC)? I am saying that all things should be considered if we want to protect and preserve the most important necessity in our life - the water.