Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wasted Lives

My impression on the current unemployment crisis. Let's leave that for a while and let me muse on recent news that greeted us these past days when three soldiers belonging to the 67th Infantry Battalion were slain and three soldiers wounded in two incidents in Davao Oriental and Davao del Norte respectively. I saw the tv reports and all I could do was to shake my head for yet another casualties of this senseless armed conflict.

Killed was 2nd Lieutenant Lucresio Julampong Jr. while Private First Class (PFC) Marvin Parreno, PFC Paul John Fornis, and Private Jerry Lagayan were wounded in the incident. The soldiers were responding to reports that members of the New Peoples Army were in the vicinity of the Sitio Bisay (Barangay Bantawan, Davao Oriental). They accidentally stepped on a claymore mine.

In Davao del Norte, a group of soldiers from the Army's 60th Infantry Battalion was ambushed by armed group believed to belong to NPA while on their way to a village in Talaingod. The ambush killed one 2nd Lieutenant Charlie Salcedo.

All this happened because there is a continuing armed conflict between the Philippine government and the rebel groups. While I respect everybody’s opinion on the cause of this war, I believe this will never do any good to us. It will only encourage more hatred in our hearts, in the hearts of the victims' families, as these meaningless killings continue.


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