Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mancao's Return

In 2000, Salvador Dacer, a publicist, and driver Emmanuel Corbito, were slain but their killers and the brain behind their killing have still to be identified until to this day. The names of Sen. Panfilo Lacson and former Pres. Erap Estrada were dragged to the case when former senior superintendent Cesar Mancao II of the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force dropped his former boss (Lacson) as having the hand of the killing in his affidavit last February this year.

One of the 18 charged with the Dacer-Corbito slay, Mancao was arrested and detained in the US but he had been turned over to the Philippine authorities in line with the extradition filed by the RP government. The cartoon depicted the predicament of those who were implicated to the double-murder case. As this went on, Senator Lacson who had earlier bared his bid for the May 2010 presidential race decided to backout from seeking for the highest post on the land citing absence of political machineries to back him up as the reason for his decision.

Even when Senator Lacson is innocent, the investigation on the Dacer-Corbito slay will surely have bad implication on his career and to Erap who might run in May 2010.

On Con-Ass:

The wrong move of the congress voting for the constituents assembly (con-ass) to pave the way for the much-heated charter change is now in real collision with the organized sectors in the country. Yesterday, an estimated of 6 thousand people gathered in Makati City, this aside from organized protests vs. con-ass in the provinces and cities like Davao City where the militant groups even stormed the house of Lower House Speaker Nograles this afternoon.

I personally believe that the issue will fuel another rallies and protests from the organized groups and the so-called civil society. While the people may not necessarily agree with the political lines toed by the militant groups, it is easy to predict that con-ass will become a rallying point for those who are against any move to change the constitution right now and with the kind of politicians we have in the government.

The first protest should serve as warning sign for the congressmen/women to rethink and reconsider their ambitious move. Listen to the people, that is it.